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Are you curious about Ninepatch? The following questions and answers have been compiled to tell you a little more about us. You can either click an question to be taken to it's answer, or, simply read this page - top to bottom - by scrolling down.

 1. What is Ninepatch?
 2. How did Ninepatch get started?
 3. Why does Ninepatch use a 'quilting' theme?
 4. Why is Ninepatch available in 2 formats (print & online)?
  5. Are the print and online versions of Ninepatch the same?
  6. What are the core columns of Ninepatch?
  7. How can I contribute letters, book reviews, etc. to Ninepatch?
  8. Is Ninepatch free?
  9. How can I contribute or donate money to Ninepatch?
10. Can you tell me about Ninepatch's non-profit status?
11. 'Who' can join Ninepatch and 'how'?
12. Are there rules I should follow when contributing to Ninepatch?
13. Who owns the work published in Ninepatch?
14. Will Ninepatch link to my site?
15. Can I link to Ninepatch from my site?
16. Does Ninepatch have a statement of purpose?

What is a "Ninepatch"?

Ninepatch is a group of people who share their experience of life through a 'magazine' that's available in print and online formats. It's also a non-profit organization created to facilitate this sharing.

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How did Ninepatch get started?

Ninepatch was created in 1994 by Frances Fritzie, and was originally a circle-letter (snail mail) that circulated among a few friends. Of it, she says...

"Several years ago, after a time of confusion and sadness, I awoke awash with wonder and amazement. I felt I could live a life kissed by sunshine rather than drenched by rain. I wanted to share this discovery and other happenings in my life with others. The Ninepatch newsletter is the path this sharing took."

The letter circulated among friends, each reading and then adding to it. Eventually, poems, book reviews and other content were added and in time, it became a small printed magazine of sorts.

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Why does Ninepatch use a 'quilting' theme?

A"ninepatch" is a square divided into 9 equal parts. This is a common (aesthetically pleasing) quilting pattern. For those interested in more esoteric aspects of numbers, 9 is a powerful, mystical number.

Frances, our editor says:

In 1993 I was reading Sue Bender's first book, Plain and Simple. There she told about learning to make a 'ninepatch' quilting pattern.
"A ninepatch is the simplest quilting pattern ...Place one dark square next to one light square until a grid of nine patches comes together in a tic-tac-toe pattern."
My own life was a journey of dark and light without a scheme... hence, Ninepatch, a pattern to give it order.

Ninepatch uses a quilting theme because the letters, artwork and other items that go into each month's issue are 'stitched together' like the squares of a quilt and held together by the common thread, or theme of spirituality.

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Why is Ninepatch available in 2 formats (print & online)?

For people who like to get things in the mail and who enjoy writing letters in the 'old fashioned' way, the paper version of Ninepatch is ideal. But, for some of us, the Internet version of Ninepatch offers convenience and the added bonus of saving on paper and postage.

Also, bringing Ninepatch to the Internet was a way to give more people the chance to see and share Ninepatch. By putting Ninepatch online we hope to encourage more people to become a part of Ninepatch. (Please feel free to pass the Ninepatch spirit on to friends today - tell them about Ninepatch!)

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Are the print and online versions of Ninepatch the same?

The print and online versions of Ninepatch contain the same core columns but the games and surveys offered in one format aren't always available in the other. Ninepatch online also offers the benefits of web rings and links, and the convenience of email, while the print format allows for the addition of artwork. That's why many Ninepatchers choose to enjoy both formats.

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What are the core columns of Ninepatch?

Each month's issue of Ninepatch Online is a patchwork of columns stitched together by a 'quilting theme':

Editor's Letter: editor-Frances shares the latest steps in her personal spiritual journey
Around the Frame: letters from Ninepatchers sharing thoughts, experiences and inspirations
Fabrics: essays of a spiritual nature we all contribute to
Instructions: reading and learning through "cut and pastes', book reviews and other activities
Thread: our knowing and our spirituality, contains poetry and creative spirit
Prayer Circle: ask for prayers or offer your own
Managing the House: where we share the business of Ninepatch

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How can I contribute letters, book reviews, etc. to Ninepatch?

Glad you asked! There are a number of ways to contribute to Ninepatch. You can write (snail mail) to Ninepatch at:
Ninepatch Inc.,
P.O. Box 358445,
Gainesville, FL.
(including a little introductory note about yourself would be a great idea too!)
or you can email us via our email form
or you can create something and post it to the Internet and then send us the address and a brief note about it. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Is Ninepatch free?

Yes, Ninepatch is Free! though we do ask for donations annually. The cost of publishing Ninepatch (both online and in print) is paid for by donations and by contributions of services by Ninepatch volunteers.

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How can I contribute or donate money to Ninepatch?

If you read and enjoy Ninepatch you may be interested in helping us continue to publish our magazine. You can do this by making a contribution. The suggested amount is between $15 and $35 for which you'll receive a year's worth of Ninepatch mailings.

Contributions can be mailed to:
Ninepatch Inc.,
P.O. Box 1263,
Avon Park, FL.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to "Ninepatch Inc."

And remember, while it's not mandatory, donations may be tax deductible and are always greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Can you tell me about Ninepatch's non-profit status?

NINEPATCH, INC has been recognized by the IRS as a non profit corporation in the category of 501 (c3)(parts 1, 2, 3, of documentation are viewable online). We will honor requests for the supporting paperwork on request and payment of a small fee to cover copying and mailing. Contact: Ninepatch for requests or write: NINEPATCH, Inc. PO Box 1263, Avon Park, FL. 33872

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Who can join Ninepatch and how?

Anyone can join Ninepatch by contributing - letters, poems, book reviews, art work, pictures - most start with a brief letter sharing a little about themselves, who they are and often, how they found Ninepatch.

What each contributes and how often are up to the individual. Many Ninepatchers also join our prayer and book groups or donate time to producing Ninepatch magazine, while some choose to contribute financially but don't take part in group activities. It's up to you!

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Are there rules I should follow when contributing to Ninepatch?

Generally speaking, there aren't any rules when contributing to Ninepatch. However, we do not advertise, proselytize, or violate copyright law.

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Who owns the work published in Ninepatch?

Allowing your work to be published in Ninepatch does not mean you are giving us rights to it. When you contribute, you keep the rights to your own work.

NOTE: While Ninepatch takes reasonable caution to properly attribute quotes, etc., to their authors, we can not verify or take responsibility for the contributions of others. If we suspect the work you've submitted isn't properly attributed to the rightful owner, we may refuse to print it.

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Will Ninepatch link to my site?

Being a part of the online community is important to Ninepatch and we are always glad to share traffic and information with others! If you have an Internet site and would like Ninepatch to link to it, please write to us and tell us a little about it (including the address/URL). Chances are, we will gladly link to it. But, we do reserve the right to refuse to link to any site at the sole discretion of our editors.

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Can I link to Ninepatch from my site?

Yes PLEASE! If you like Ninepatch Online and would like to link to it from your site, please visit our reciprocal link page for 'how to'. If you do link to us, we'd love to hear from you, and will most likely gladly link back.

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Does Ninepatch have a Statement of Purpose?

Yes. Ninepatch's statement of purpose is as follows:

Ninepatch is the monthly publication of a non-profit organization by the same name. In the pages of this newsletter, women and the men who support them, share their spiritual journeys, their life experiences, their stories, their thoughts, their pondering, their pain, their joy and their observations.

This newsletter offers a forum where its readers can be heard and remain anonymous if they choose. Such sharing is vital in helping other women and men find their place in an eternal spiritual circle where all both know and are known.

All art and written works are protected by the Ninepatch copyright and cannot be used for gain.

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