Periodically, Ninepatch proposes 'themes' - ideas or statements for contributors to respond to. How we respond and what we think of them is up to us, and that's the fun of Ninepatch Themes. No one really knows what we'll end up with until all voices are herd.

Below, are listed the themes Ninepatch has proposed so far, along with the letters gathered. Some list all the responses, while others received so much input that it's really best to download the full magazines and enjoy them the old fashioned way. Again, it's all up to you...

The Best Money I've Ever Spent
Every Day Miracles
The Gifts of Suffering
Hurricanes and Other Weather Stories
Recipes and Food Stories
Reflections on 9-11
The Kitchen Table
The vacation

To contribute your own response to a Ninepatch Theme write to us at 'ninepatch at ninepatch9 dot org' with 'themes' in the subject line OR use the 'contact us' link in the side menu. Thanks!